Goa, a former Portuguese colony on India’s western coastline, is known for its beautiful beaches and temperate climate. Called a “Perola Do Orienta” by the Portuguese conquistador who discovered it, Goa is a Pearl of the Orient to those who visit.

As one approaches this architectural marvel on the coast of the Arabian Sea, visitors get a glimpse of a vaulted dome with four grand gothic arches, sitting like a crown atop the hotel’s atrium. Guests visiting primarily from Germany, England, France, Italy, Switzerland and India, enter through a portico, whose colonnade porch leads them to the expansive lobby through an open arch.

The feeling of grandeur is not left at the entrance, sounds of waterfalls, and patterns of light pouring in from colored glass in the arched skylights, lend drama to the grand two-story atrium.

The 23-acre resort is expansive in its feel, but not at a cost to the site itself. No buildings in the complex are higher than any of the 300 trees on the property. So important were the environmental concerns to the Founders, that they played an important part in shaping the resort’s eco-friendly development.

Along with the beauty of the land, the culture of Goa itself became a source for design inspiration. The flying buttress, a familiar design element in local churches of Goa – can be found throughout the hotel’s public spaces. Pointed arches and columns emulate Goan architecture. The beams that support the atrium roof were laid out as they would be in traditional Goan homes. The local influence can also be found in the interiors, which feature ceramic mosaic flooring, artworks of Mario Miranda, intricate wood and stone carvings, and design motifs of birds and flowers.

Most of the 201 guest rooms and villas are oriented towards the sea and around a swimming complex. Two wings lead out from either flank of the lobby / central atrium and step down towards the sea in three tiers. A third wing touches the golf course and has a direct view of the ocean. Indeed, this Pearl of the Orient shines brightly for all those who experience Goa.!


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