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In Defense of Animals is a non-profit animal protection organisation, dedicated towards establishing and defending the rights of all animals. Their work includes animal rescue, promoting animal birth control programmes and creating awareness of issues like commercial breeding and exploitation of animals, animals in zoos, conditions of enslaved elephants, etc.
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Towel Art Workshop


The main objective of Prasad Chikitsa, a charitable trust in Maharashtra, is to uplift children and communities of the region through medical programmes, community outreach activities and more. We collaborate with this organisation to contribute towards various initiatives such as eradicating hunger and malnutrition, promoting preventive healthcare and sanitation, as well as organising eye camps that conduct cataract operations.
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Chess Tournament


GoaGPRS is an NGO in South Goa founded in 2014 by individuals who are passionate about animal welfare. Goa Gomantak Pashu Rakshak Sanstha translates in English to ‘Goa’s Animal Protectors’. Their various initiatives include rescue centres, adoption camps, medical outreach programmes and a LEARN Centre focussed on educating children about being kind to each other, the environment and animals.
Through this organisation, we offer medical help and support through animal rescue programmes, providing vaccinations and neutering treatments.
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For 51 years, he was used as a tourist attraction, he was forced to stand in the same spot, chained by all four legs, all alone.

FreeGajraj Campaign:

Advani Hotels and Resorts India Ltd. sponsored the global #FreeGajraj campaign led by PETA India and assisted by international affiliates. After 51 years in cruel captivity, Gajraj is now free from chains and is safe. PETA arranged for the Wildlife SOS elephant-care centre in Mathura to take him in, where he is now recovering- and all his physical and psychological needs are taken care of.


Maharashtra State Women’s Council is a non-governmental organisation headquartered in South Mumbai that has over 14 projects, self-created agencies and groups through which it seeks to achieve its objectives. The projects vary considerably in content and the people they target. They range from full-fledged residential institutions for destitute women and children to special programmes for the physically challenged and aged.
We collaborate with this organisation to sponsor the education of underprivileged children and orphans.
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The Freeset Trust works in the Sonagachi red-light area of Kolkata, imparting the life-skills necessary to truly experience freedom, i.e. reading, writing, budgeting and basic health care to those who truly need it. By donating to this organisation, we were able help women in these situations by providing them job opportunities in safe environments. Additionally, their kids are looked after at a pre-school during the day, while they are at work.
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