view of pool from a villa's verandah

Making plans to visit Goa but unsure of where to stay? Apart from the luxurious hotels in Goa, the place has a more unique experience to offer. Villas spread across the beach fronts in South Goa will definitely take your breath away. They are a great vacation choice for guests looking for a sunny vacation getaway.

a family of 3 holding hands on a beach

Goa is many things but it is also a haven for families looking to have a jolly good time. Bond with your loved ones and make memories to be treasured forever!

Speakers addressing a large audience at a conference

Goa is as much of a destination for corporate meetings and business ventures as it is a sanctuary for leisure travellers. Read on to find out what makes us one of the best meeting venues in Goa.

A statue of the virgin mary and baby jesus

Goans celebrate several festivals throughout the year. However, January is one such month of the year that hosts some of the most popular festivals. Know about them now!

Wedding-Garden-Setup at beach resort in South Goa

Celebrate your dream destination wedding in South Goa at Caravela Beach Resort - celebrate your love on the beach, beneath the stars with amazing food & drinks!

Pretty pink sunset sky view from the beach

Soak in the enchanting view of sunset in South Goa! Settle down by the seashore, or in a fancy sunset bar in South Goa and enjoy the ethereal hues.