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Making plans to visit Goa but confused about where to stay? Apart from the numerous luxury hotels, Goa also has unique experiences to offer, like villas spread across beach fronts that will take your breath away. These villas are a great choice for people looking for a sunny vacation getaway.

If you really want to make the most of your long weekends, staying in some of the most elegant villas in Goa is an unforgettable experience. Flanked by towering coconut trees, these residences at Caravela Beach Resort entail mesmerizing views of seemingly endless beaches, and offer several activities including a spa, swimming pool and golf turf to make your getaway a truly memorable affair. Guests who rent private villa vacations for their holidays look forward to experiencing a distinct and unique lifestyle. Imagine waking up in the morning and walking to the terrace to gaze at the sea in the distance, and the freshest fruit and vegetables handpicked for a nutritious breakfast! That is exactly what the villa experience at Caravela feels like!

interor view of the Garden Villa at Caravela Beach Resort featuring bright interiors and views of the outdoor garden during daytime
a bungalow with lush green garden and the evening sky in the background - Caravela Beach Resort Goa

There are numerous options in South Goa that offer both relaxation and adventure. From panoramic beaches to audacious treks, a sojourn in South Goa can instil a sense of adventure in you while helping you in your quest to find yourself. Caravela Beach Resort offers you one of the most splendid villa experiences in South Goa. Caravela Beach Resort, our villa resort in Goa, is perfect if you seek a memorable vacation full of adventure, outdoor activities and nightlife. We have 2-bedroom villas in Goa that are situated away from the rest of the resort and come with a balcony that provides scenic views of the lush gardens and the ocean skyline.

Equipped with a private minibar, balcony and a deck chair with umbrellas, the villas at Caravela Beach Resort provide you with numerous luxuries in your own private space. The Presidential Villa has a private balcony with an outdoor jacuzzi and also features a lush lawn with hammocks overlooking the sea. This sea-view villa in Goa has a lot more to offer guests. A sprawling golf course will keep you engaged during the day, and you can enjoy live music performances in the evenings. Guests who are in the mood for rejuvenation can opt to attend yoga classes or spend a relaxing afternoon freshening up in the spa. If you want to spend a tranquil vacation and enjoy an alternative lifestyle, come stay in these luxurious villas in South Goa at Caravela Beach Resort.

A swimming pool beside a stone wall and trees on the side - Caravela Beach Resort Goa

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