aerial view of a picturesque beach in goa with brown sands


A common recurrence every year in the naturally decorated city of Goa is the abundance of tourists, both local and foreign, when the winter comes. This happens in the wake of the warm winter days that the tourist’s paradise proposes which makes the climate ideal for a laid-back, relaxing vacation spot. The winds pleasantly grazing your face as you wander along the beach. The music spouting through your ears and the rhythm taking over you. The list never ends. Goa is a fan favourite among foreigners who travel to India. The carefree aura of the exquisite beaches and the placid waters offer the tranquility you are seeking. If the chaos of crowded beaches is something you wish to avoid, these are the beaches you are looking for.

Palolem Beach

Palolem is a snowy-looking white sand beach in South Goa. Decorated with palm trees, it oozes sheer beauty with its crescent shape and magical views. One can hop on a boat ride on the sea and cruise through the waves, or sunbathe under a beach hut and gorge on snacks and drinks. The water at this beach is safe for a dip, after which you can groove at the silent discos in Palolem’s vicinity that also keep the peace of this place intact.

palm trees at a beach in Goa with the sea and beach in the background
beach huts at palolem beach in goa

Ashwem Beach

This North Goan beach is the perfect place for foreigners to loosen up and have some of that ‘me time’, away from the hustle and bustle of tourists at other popular beaches. This beach is spick-and-span with towering palm trees adding to its charm. The mouth-watering cuisines on offer at the shacks on this beach is a must-try for food aficionados. Missing out on this beach in Goa is a sin!

Candolim Beach

Candolim stretches to a massive 30 km, earning the title of the biggest beach in Goa. Relatively busier than the other beaches listed here, Candolim is a touristy venue with both local and foreign crowds. It promises fun and exciting experiences that one can indulge in for some unforgettable memories. Jet-skiing, parasailing, boating, etc, are common activities here to wallow in to have an adventure of a lifetime. Savour delicious food, sip on local Goan beers, and gaze at the gorgeous sea.

a beach shack at a beach in Goa with flags in the background
a solitary olive ridley crab walking on the beach at morjim beach

Morjim Beach

Morjim Beach, also known as ‘Little Russia’, owing to its popularity between Russians, promises a serene experience distant from the crowds of Goa. Its lack of people makes it a home to the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles. If turtles fascinate you, this is your spot. Somebody said dolphins? Absolutely. If lucky, one can also catch glimpses of dolphins during a boat ride here. Seeing the beautiful mammal swing up and down in the sea is a sight for sore eyes.

Varca Beach

One of the unexplored gems of Goa is Varca beach. Its white sand and palm trees make for beautiful natural decor that soothes the eyes. This pristine beach offers clean surroundings, dreamy hues in the sky, and a peaceful atmosphere that never fails to amaze you. A popular beach for foreigners in Goa, it also houses the majestic Caravela Beach Resort which caters to the needs of foreigners with specially curated facilities, making their time in Goa memorable.

overview of varca beach near our resort in Goa with the evening sun in the background

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