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Goa, as you must have heard, is a piece of paradise for leisure travellers and explorers to come and have an incredible experience. A land bestowed with natural beauty and man-made charm, a trip here definitely can leave you with tales to tell for a lifetime. But how about we told you that it is a sought-after destination for corporate meetings and business ventures? That's right! The beauty of Goa is that it will transform even the dullest of meetings into an event worth looking forward to!

Conference venues in Goa are plenty. Albeit being crowded with leisure guests, the state hosts a great number of conferences and summits year on year, making it frequented by a number of business travellers. Therefore, choosing the right venue, depending on the requirements of each event, is vital to ensure a successful gathering.

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Table and chair arrangements at one of the banquets in South Goa - birthday in Goa - Caravela Beach Resort, Goa

A good venue will have judicious floor space, spacious interiors with high enough ceilings, air-conditioning, audio and visual facilities, great connectivity, lighting and power sources. A great venue will not only focus merely on the meeting itself but also on the convenience of the guests, the post-conference experience and guest satisfaction as a whole.

Bringing all of this to the table is Caravela Beach Resort, Goa. Located in the less crowded Varca region, we offer you multiple corporate venues in Goa for your varied needs - a meeting space for presentations and conferences, a conference room for board meetings and conclaves, and the spaces within the resort for general gatherings and meetups. You name it and we can host any kind of event effortlessly!

For post-meeting indulgences and to turn a regular corporate meeting into a daycation in Goa, we also feature eight restaurants and bars, each offering a unique dining experience. Along with a varied choice of dining options, the resort also comes with an in-house golf course to keep the atmosphere light and cheery and two swimming pools for the guests to kick back and relax.

Let our professional team help you plan and organise everything to the T and make this event a success at our corporate meeting venues in Goa!

a golf ball on a tee with a persons leg in the background at a golf course - Caravela Beach resort

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