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Celebrating Holi in Goa

The coastal state of Goa turns into a frenzy as the festival of colours approaches. The mesmerising land of beaches and beautiful architecture celebrates Holi with a lot of gusto and glee. Known as Shigmotsav in Goa, Holi is celebrated each year to commemorate the arrival of spring and love. The state gets tainted in different hues and people from all around the world come together to celebrate this festival. So chug on a fresh glass of thandai as you groove along with your loved ones in this party paradise!

To help you plan a great Holi getaway in this sun-kissed haven, we have compiled a list of things you can do to make your celebration even more special.

Shigmo Festival

Shigmo Festival is a popular spring festival that takes place every year during the month of February or March. The streets are packed with delightful crowds of people dancing to and singing folk songs. The procession plays out various scenes from Hindu mythology paired with musical instruments like dhol, tashe and ghumat. People also perform traditional dances like Talgadi, Ghode-Morni, Rommatamel and Fugdi. Although this five-day festival takes place in the Konkan district of Goa, over the years it has seen a rise in popularity in other parts of the state. Tourists across the world flock around this time to witness this grand spectacle.

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Shigmo in Goa starts with Naman, an invocation of the local deity followed by four days of rituals performed by the natives. On the fifth day, the "Rang Panchami" begins. People commemorate this day by smearing colours on each other. The festival is divided into two categories - the Dhakto Shimgo and Vadhio Shigmo. The former is celebrated by the natives and the latter is celebrated by everyone. So if you are in Goa during this festive season, do not miss out on the vivacious cultural gem!

Tandav Holi Celebration

Tandav is an entrancing Holi celebration that annually takes place in Goa. Organized by Minesh B Narvekar, this psychedelic party features famous celebrities and artists along with amazing electronic music, beverages and great food. With the colours floating in the air and the intoxicating music gradually seeping into your mind, you are bound to groove along with it. Get drenched in the colour of spring and spend a great time with your friends and family.

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Celebrate this Holi gleefully at Colourland, one of the biggest Holi events in Goa. The air is charged with dynamic energies and maddening music perfectly accompanied by wide shades of powdered colour. The event is lined with well-known celebrities, DJs, famous dancers and many talented artists. Take your dear ones for an enthralling time at this fest while devouring lip-smacking nibbles and refreshing beverages. The picturesque view of the beaches and the cool weather will surely alleviate your experience.

Rang Barse

Go desi this Holi and have a delightful time at Rang Barse, a perfect venue for your Bollywood heart. The event takes place in Fatorda and is arrayed with rain dance, foam dance, incredible music and a host of fun activities. Dance your night away while indulging in energetic thandai and sumptuous decadent desserts offered here. The beautiful landscape and the bustling crowd ensure you have the perfect backdrop setting for your Holi celebration in Goa. Get ready with your water guns and powdered colours and dive into an exciting gala!

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If you are looking for a place to celebrate Holi in South Goa and stay, Caravela Beach Resort is ideal for you. This 5-star resort is appointed with a pristine swimming pool and stunning bars perfect for you to host a Holi party. Nestled along the charming landscape of Varca Beach, our resort features plush accommodations and upscale dining facilities for your guests to rest and repose after a lovely party.