overview of a beach with water overlapping and Pretty pink hues on the sky


Sunsets by the beach are truly a blissful experience. The orange shade that fills the sky as the sun slowly hides behind the horizon is a view worth witnessing. And the many beaches that grace Goa offers you that very experience! Sunsets in South Goa transpire in an array of colours and silhouettes, and renders an ambiance that is delightful in every aspect. Unlike the more famous beaches of North Goa, such as Baga Beach and Calangute Beach, where the sunset hours become overwhelmingly crowded, the beaches in South Goa remain quieter, allowing travellers to indulge them peacefully.

Palolem Beach

As the sun sets on the horizon and its kaleidoscopic hues of ochre, red and purple spread onto everything that is around, the rising waves of the sea crash on the shores, creating melody in nature. Quiet and serene, Palolem Beach is one of the best places to witness sunsets in South Goa and has been a photographer’s delight for a long time.

Silhouette of palm trees at dusk with different hues in the background
Emerald green waves of sea at a beach with the sun setting in the background

Varca Beach

The feeling that you experience while sitting in a sunset bar in South Goa is that of serenity and harmony. For those who want to spend their evening in a relaxing ambience, head out to a beach shack in South Goa or one of the fancy bars such as Island Bar or Sunset Bar at Caravela Beach Resort. Let your feet play with the powdery white sand while you take in the ravishing sunset views and enjoy your favourite craft cocktails and food!

Cavelossim Beach

The sky, marooned by the colours of the setting sun, the magnificent sea roaring and crashing on the shores, and the sight of birds flying back in flocks - it is sights like these that make Cavelossim Beach one of the best sunset beaches in South Goa. The best way to experience this beach would be to enjoy a dip in the water, devour seafood delicacies at the many beach shacks around, and laze in the sun until it softens to the hues of sunset.

sea waves in front of the setting sun with different hues in the sky
Waves meeting the shore at sunset with the sun setting in the background

Utorda Beach

Utorda Beach is known for its calmness and tranquillity paired with a few high-end beachfront bars and restaurants. You can watch the ethereal sunsets while dining at one of these places or walk on the golden beach to find a spot that you can call your own. The mind-blowing sunsets and postcard-perfect views of the sea that Utorda Beach offers are some of the best in South Goa. It offers the best sunset point in South Goa.

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