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Team Outing in Goa

Most companies in India these days ensure their employees are given a break from their tedious work and take them on offsites or team outings. Employees look for time to let loose without a thought about work on their minds. Goa is a popular destination for these team outings.

Goa was a Portuguese colony until 1961, and the city has everything a traveller wants - churches of a bygone era, lovely beaches and inexpensive liquor. Why does almost every company organise a corporate offsite in Goa? Is it the beaches or because Goa is called the nation's fun capital? We are guessing it is the latter. Let’s take a look at some of these entertaining team Building Activities in Goa.

The Amazing Race Challenge

Two or more teams compete against each other, performing tasks and winning each leg in a timed event. This recreation of the Amazing Race show has humungous team-building flair as teams have to communicate accurately, travel and understand each other.

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Sports at the Beach

Football, Cricket or Volleyball - take your pick! Sports at the beach have generally been a good activity for team building. Working together and strategising as a team will bring the employees closer and help them de-stress.


Move away from PUBG to this live-action event! Paintball is an adventure activity where participants are divided into teams of two or more and asked to go on to capture the flag in the opposing team's area. Paintball can sometimes be painful, but it is one of the best activities for team building in Goa, showcasing leadership skills and team unity.

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A group of people taking part in white water rafting

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is a thrilling watersport that is exhilarating and a perfect team bonding experience. Six to eight people try to steer the inflatable raft avoiding the rocks on the stream. This activity helps in coordination within the team.

Aqua Zorbing

Zorbing started as rolling down the hill in an orb made of transparent plastic with people inside to steer. Zorbing has two types - wet and dry. It is a fun activity where you can try to push the other person or race against them to the finish line.

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Resorts in Goa have packages for company outings. These resorts offer different team-building activities in Goa, like a single-day activities package or a fun-filled few days package.

Caravela Beach Resort is one such resort that has brilliant activities and facilities. The resort has a golf course, a swimming pool, spa services, a live band performing every night, a pool bar where you can enjoy drinks served in the swimming pool and a bunch of indoor and beach activities. Caravela also has a massive 4500 sq. ft. conference room to host any event during the offsite.

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