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Goa is famously known to be home to a colourful population in terms of religion and culture. The state is home to people of multiple faiths that include Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism which makes way for the people to celebrate numerous festivals throughout the year. These festivals have developed from age-old traditions and the Goans take immense pride and fervour in celebrating these. You can also be a part of these celebrations. We have the list of the most important festivals celebrated in Goa in January.

Feast of Three Kings

The statue of Virgin Mary holding infant Jesus also known as ‘Our Lady of The Mount’ is seen as the protector of people and Goans pay an ode to Her through the festival Feast of Three Kings. Goa celebrates this festival every year in January 12 days after Christmas to salute the visit of the Three Wise Men. The statue is decorated with intricate jewellery and ornate flower arrangements. There is an exchange of gifts and it is a joyous occasion which brings the people together as they partake in grand feasts, elaborate dances and enthralling music.

A statue of the virgin mary and baby jesus inside a room with lights shining on them
many people gathered at a tibal-rural festivity wearing their traditional attire

Goa Tribal Festival

Every year, the local villagers of Goa join hands to promote awareness about the unique culture, heritage and traditions through the Goa Tribal Festival. The initiative for this festival was first taken by the Adivasi Sangatna of Quepem Village. The traditions that the Goa Tribal Festival aims to conserve include all aspects like food, craftsmanship, folklores and even native games. People dressed in their traditional attires put up shops to sell home-style food items prepared in earthen pots and utensils like Ambil, Pita Giulio and Sanna. There are game stalls where you can try your hand at some tribal games like Logoreani, Ton Barani and Gillidanda. Some people also demonstrate native handiwork like weaving techniques to make palm mats.

Goa Tattoo Festival

Tattoos have existed for centuries and it is a unique expression of art. The Goa Tattoo Festival celebrates the art of tattoos by bringing together some of the most talented national and international tattoo artists. Along with some intense tattoo art exhibitions and competitions, the festival also features live entertainment like music, an enticing art gallery, live art stalls, market stalls and traders selling different items. The first edition of this festival was celebrated in 2016. If you have wanted to get a tattoo for a long time, there can be no better destination than this festival!

A tattoo artist working on a tattoo on a client's hand at Goa Tattoo Festival
two kites with neon colour and tails at a Goa Kite Festival

Kite Festival

Kite Flying is a hobby that captivates the heart of all, irrespective of their age. Goa celebrates the Kite Festival every year in January. On this day, the skies kissing the blue ocean are dotted with a myriad of kites with differing sizes, colours and styles. Participants from all over the globe light up the skies with the kites that represent their respective countries. While for some it might just be a hobby, for others, the regular participants, it is almost therapeutic.

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