A couple walking holding hands during a sunset on a beach

Celebrate Your Valentine's Day in Goa

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for any couple and is celebrated fervently. Elaborate plans are ideated to ensure this occasion is etched in each other's memory. Although some couples would like to spend their special day snuggled at home, watching a movie and having an intimate dinner, some couples want to head out and make memories!

Goa is known for its beaches and is the party capital of India, boasting places to dance and sing the night away. The coastal location of this city makes it an ideal destination for anyone who travels here. If you’re planning to spend Valentine's in Goa, read on for interesting things you can do on this special day apart from the popular candlelight dinner.

Valentine's Special Events

Goa holds events throughout the week that Valentine’s Day falls on. Keep a look out for your favourite places that host these as pre and post-parties are in abundance. Some notable places that hold Valentine's events are Mambos, Titos, Club LPK, SinQ and much more. Imagine slow-dancing to a magical number while your beloved is in your arms, just the two of you and the world fades away, time stops and the memory is forever etched in your memory!

People grooving to the music in a party
A party in a cruise ship out on the sea

Candescent Cruises

If you and your partner are in search of something special and love going out into the sea, then a cruise is the perfect Valentine special in Goa. Partying on these cruises can help you invigorate yourself and your partner while taking in the fresh sea air without the bother of noise levels. Some cruises also have the option to spend the night in one of their luxury rooms, so you and your partner get some well-deserved rest before you reach the shore.

Hand-in-hand Hot Air Balloon Rides

Not for the faint of heart, a hot air balloon ride is the best way to spend your Valentine’s Day in Goa. Often people have said that this activity is one of the most romantic things to do as a couple, as the spectacular 360 views of Goa can improve your mood and the love for each other while you hold hands with your partner, and who knows? Maybe even pop the question! The fresh air will surely provide you with enough oxygen to savour this moment to cherish it forever with your beloved!

A lone hot air balloon high in the sky with clouds in the background
couple kayaking together in the river

Alluring Activities

If you are an adventurous couple, we suggest you look at the numerous activities available in Goa. You can plan your Valentine’s week in a way that all activities will be covered. Spread your wings while parasailing or take a kayak and slowly make your way around the river, cupid's job is made easier here in Goa. Valentine's Day is around the corner, indulge in each other's company on a trek to the peaks, or go scuba diving to the depths of the ocean, love will certainly find you!

If you are planning to stay the week in Goa for Valentine’s, then Caravela Beach Resort is the perfect place. Our resort is located in South Goa, a stone’s throw away from Varca Beach, and this beach offers a range of water sports activities. Stay at one of our plush accommodations and experience luxury while treating yourself and your partner to a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day at one of our beachside restaurants.

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