1. **Reservation Guarantee:**

    • All bookings must be guaranteed with a 100% deposit, as agreed in writing by the resort.

    • Rate and availability will only be confirmed upon the generation of a confirmation number.

  2. **Payment Methods:**

    • Payments can be made via bank transfer, UPI transfer, or using the Credit Card Link provided by the resort.

    • Cash deposits into our account are not accepted, and any such deposits will be forfeited with a penalty charged.

  3. **GST and Invoice:**

    • GST will be charged according to the applicable rate for each service category.

    • A tax invoice will be issued during check-out, detailing the different services provided by the resort, along with the corresponding GST.

  4. **Room Images Disclaimer:**

    • Room images on the website are illustrative and provide a general overview of accommodations.

    • Each room may vary in decor and layout, and the depicted features may not precisely match every room.

  5. **Cancellation Policy:**

    • No refunds for cancellations or modifications within the chargeable cancellation period or non-refundable bookings.

    • The resort reserves the right to make decisions regarding refunds.

  6. **No Extra Beds in Certain Room Categories:**

    • No extra beds will be provided in Deluxe Room categories and any of the villas.

  7. **Force Majeure:**

    • The hotel is not liable for failing to perform its obligations due to circumstances beyond its control, such as natural disasters or strikes.

  8. **Photography and Advertisements:**

    • Photography and video recording within the hotel premises require consent from the resort.

    • Any advertisements or signs posted in public areas must be approved in writing by the resort.

  9. **Currency and Rates:**

    • The resort charges are in INR, and any rates quoted in foreign currency will be charged according to the conversion price available at the resort.

  10. **Upgrade Charges:**

    • Charges will apply for upgrades to larger bedrooms to accommodate families.

  11. **Christmas and New Year Packages:**

    • Residential packages during Christmas and New Year are subject to different terms and conditions, available upon request.

  12. **Food and Beverage Policy:**

    • The resort is licensed to serve food and beverages.

    • Guests are not allowed to bring outside food or beverages into the resort unless special permission is obtained, in which case the hotel is not responsible for the safety or consequences of the brought-in items.