golf club and ball at course


Goa is not just about beach parties and adventurous waterfalls. Here, exquisite luxury takes on a completely different meaning — that of golf.


After you are done exploring its pristine beaches and feasting on your favourite dishes and beverages at the numerous beach shacks, consider a sojourn at a golf resort in Goa to indulge in the beautiful sport. As a mental and physical sport that challenges players, golf also relaxes you as you swing the club and make your mark. A golf resort in South Goa can be the ideal choice if you are looking for a luxurious vacation.


South Goa is the perfect place to relax and enjoy isolated, pastoral and untouched natural beauty in a tranquil environment. The southern part of the state also has numerous wildlife sanctuaries that are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. And if you are a party animal, the many beach parties and nightclubs here will not disappoint you. Apart from these, South Goa is also famous for the numerous trekking options - the most famous among these being the trek to Dudhsagar Falls. It gets its name from the milky-white appearance caused by the extreme force of the water cascading from a towering height. Additionally,  Caravela Beach Resort in South Goa is home to arguably the most expansive and well-manicured golf course in Goa. From adventures immersed in natural beauty to golfing on immaculate courses, South Goa offers an irresistible variety of options that ensure a memorable vacation.

golfers enjoying drinks on the course
golfer teeing off



Caravela Beach Resort is one of the best resorts in Goa that offers guests access to an immaculate golf course. It is the perfect opportunity for guests who fancy a change from the hustle and bustle of life or a journey closer to yourself. Pick up your clubs and unwind by exploring one of the best golf courses in Goa. Upon entering, you are greeted by lush green lawns complemented by the pristine blue sea in the distance. The nine-hole golf course will keep you engaged throughout the afternoon while leaving you free to explore other activities in the evening. Caravela is not just a Goa golf resort, you can also relax at the swimming pool, spa, ayurvedic centre and the outdoor jacuzzi here. The resort also organizes live music performances on weekends that ensure your stay here is unforgettable. Spend a lavish holiday in the rooms at Caravela Beach Resort, and explore one of the best golf courses in Goa while you’re here.